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Trace Data to Support and Enable Computer Science Research

In order to enable open computer science research access to trace data is needed. The following sets of data are provided under universal release to any computer science researcher to use to enable computer science work.

All we ask is that if you use these data in your research that you recognize Los Alamos National Laboratory for providing these data.

MPI_IO_TEST traces

These traces were collected using LANL-Trace (V 1.0.0) on the LANL MPI_IO test (V 1.00.020) application. These traces are all from system data machine number 25 on this computer systems table. Here is the README and FAQ that explains how LANL-Trace works and what the output files look like:


 64 KB256 KB448 KB512 KB1024 KB4096 KB8192 KB16386 KB32772 KB65544 KB

N-to-1 nonstrided

 64 KB256 KB448 KB512 KB1024 KB4096 KB8192 KB16386 KB32772 KB65544 KB

N-to-1 strided

 64 KB256 KB448 KB512 KB1024 KB4096 KB8192 KB16386 KB32772 KB65544 KB

To save yourself some clicking, here is a link for all traces in a single tarball: One big tarball.

Please email us with any questions about these traces.

Previously released traces

We had previously released a set of traces. However, we subsequently discovered that not all of the traces had correctly captured both the MPI calls as well as the I/O system calls. Another difference between those older traces and these newer ones is that the older traces did not have a perfectly balanced set of processes per node (e.g. for the 32 proc traces, we had 30 procs doubled up on 15 machines and two procs by themselves on two machines; the new traces have exactly 16 machines with two procs each). Those older traces are still available however here.

We had previously released several N-N traces. However, since then, we have had several components of our storage stack increment versions. We then acquired our N-1 traces with the newer storage stack. In order to have consistent traces, we have redone the N-N traces (which are available above). However, anyone who downloaded the N-N traces before 2008 will have downloaded the older traces. They are archived here.

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