HEC FSIO 2007 Conference

HEC FSIO R&D Conference/HECURA FSIO PI Meeting '07 AGENDA Conference Location: National Science Foundation,
4201 Wilson Boulevard,
Arlington, VA. Stafford II 555
Date: Sunday 8/5/08 - Wednesday 8/8/06
Start Time End Time Session Presenter/Chair
Monday 8/6/2007__
9:00 AM 9:15 AM Welcome Review of HEC FSIO 06 outcomes, F 2007 Conference Overview Gary Grider, LANL
9:15 AM 9:20M Welcome from NSF Almadena Chtchelkanova, NSF
9:20 AM 9:35 AM NSF Vision Jeannette Wing, NSF
9:35 AM 9:40 AM Research Session 1 QoS Lee Ward, Sandia Bill Loewe, LLNL
9:40 AM 10:00 AM Quality of Service Guarantee for Scalable For scalable Parallel Storage Systems Tzi-Cker Chiueh, Suny
10:30 AM 10:50 AM End-to-End Performance Management for Large Distributed Storage Scott Brandt, UCSC
10:50 AM 11:15 AM Open review of gaps/progress Lee Ward, Sandia Bill Loewe, LLNL
11:15 AM 11:30 AM LANL ISSDM and IRPIT Gary Grider, LANL
12:45 PM 12:55 PM LANL New Data Available James Nunez, LANL
12:55 AM 1:00 PM Research Session 2 Measurement, Understadning, Cache Mgmt Evan Felix, PNL John Bent, LANL
1:00 PM 1:20 PM File System Tracing, Replaying, Profiling, and Analysis on HEC Systems Erez Zadok, SUNY
1:20 PM 1:40 PM Memory caching and prefetching Xiaodong Zhang, OSU
1:40 PM 2:00 PM Open review of gaps/progress Evan Felix, PNL John Bent., LANL
2:00 PM 2:05 PM Research Session 3 Metadata Rob Ross, ANL James Nunez, LANL
2:05 PM 2:25 PM Petascale I/O for High End Computing Karsten Schwan, GA Tech
2:25 PM 2:45 PM Techniques for Streaming File Systems And Databases Martin Farach-Colton, Rutgers
3:15 PM 3:35 PM Microdata Storage Systems for High-End Computing Bradley C. Kuszmaul, MIT
3:35 PM 3:55 PM SAM^2 Toolkit: Scalable and Adaptive Metadata Management for High End ComputingHong Jiang, U Neb. Lincoln
3:55 PM 4:15 PM Open review of gaps/progress Rob Ross, ANL James Nunez, LANL
4:15 PM 4:35 PM Research Session 4 Security and Archive Ellen Salmon, NASA Gary Grider, LANL
4:35 PM 4:55 PM Asymmetry in Performance and Security Requirements for I/O in HEC Patrick McDaniel, PSU
4:55 PM 5:15 PM Integrated Infrastructure for Secure and Efficient Long-Term Data Management David Du, U of Minn/NSF
5:15 PM 5:35 PM Open review of gaps/progress Ellen Salmon, NASA Gary Grider, LANL
5:35 PM 6:00 PM Posters for all Day 1 talks
Tuesday 8/7/2007__
8:20 AM 8:40 AM Use of Xen for Testing File Systems At Scale Rob Farber, PNL
8:40 AM 8:50 AM Research Session 5 Next Generation I/O Architectures Lee Ward, Sandia Steve Poole, ORNL
8:50 AM 9:10 AM Deconstructing Clusters for High End Biometrics Douglas Thain, Notre Dame
9:10 AM 9:30 AM Improving Scalability in Parallel File Systems for High End Computing Walt Ligon, Clemson
9:30 AM 9:50 AM The Server-Push I/O Architecture for High End Computing Xian-He Sun, Illinois Tech
10:20 AM 10:40 AM Active Storage Networks for High End Computing John Chandy, U Conn
10:40 AM 11:00 AM Active Data Systems A.L. Narasimha Reddy, TAMU
11:00 AM 11:20 AM Applicability of Object-Based Storage Devices in Parallel File Systems>/a> Pete Wyckoff, OSU
11:20 AM 12:00 AM Open review of gaps/progress Lee Ward, Sanida Steve Poole, ORNL
1:10 PM 1:30 PM SciDAC PDSI Garth Gibson,CMU
1:30 PM 1:35 PM Research Session 6 Next Generation I/O Architectures (small unaliged I/O) Rob Ross, ANL John Bent, LANL
1:35 AM 1:55 PM Application-adaptive I/O Stack for Data-intensive Scientific Computing Xiaosong Ma, NCSU
1:55 PM 2:15 PM Concurrent I/O Management for Cluster-based Parallel Storage Kai Shen, U of Rochester
2:15 PM 2:35 PM Scalable I/O Middleware and File System Optimizations for HEC Alok Choudhary, Northwestern
2:35 PM 3:00 PM Open review of gaps/progress Rob Ross, ANL John Bent, LANL
3:30 PM 3:35 PM Research Session 7 Management and RAS Steve Poole, ORNL Evan Felix, PNL
3:35 PM 3:55 PM Toward Automated Problem Analysis of Large Scale Storage Systems Priya Narasimhan, CMU
3:55 PM 4:15 PM Formal Failure Analysis for Storage Systems Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, Wisconsin
4:15 PM 4:20 PM SNIA QoS etc. Erik Riedel, Seagate
4:15 PM 4:35 PM Open review of gaps/progress Steve Poole, ORNL Evan Felix, PNL
4:35 PM 5:30 PM Posters for all Day 2 talks
Wednesday 8/8/2007__
8:15 AM 8:30 AM Performance Insulation and Predictability For Shared Cluster Storage Greg Ganger, CMU
8:30 AM 8:50 AM SciDAC SDM Rob Ross, ANL
8:50 AM 9:10 AM Performance Models and Systems Optimization for Disk-Bound ApplicationsMithuna Thottethodi, Purdue
9:10 AM 9:25 AM Using GPU's for RAID Lee Ward, Sandia
9:25 AM 9:40 AM Failure Data - an Update Bianca Schroeder, CMU
9:40 AM 9:55 AM NERSC Data Available Akbar Mokhtarani, LBNL
10:20 AM 10:45 AM Standards, Update, Productization pNFS, OSCv2, and HEC POSIX Brent Welch
10:45 AM 11:00 AM NSA ACS Gary Grider, LANL
11:00 AM 11:45 AM Panel Rob Ross, ANL Lee Ward, Sandia

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