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External Funded Proposals

LANL staff may work part-time for the NMC.  The NSEC/NMC Coordination Office and the NMC have established a process to assist LANL PIs with submitting proposals for funding obtained through external funding agencies.  All submissions through the NMC must be pre-approved by the NSEC/NMC Coordination Office. 

    1. LANL PI meets with NNCO Leader/Designated Technical Representative – Determines if a  proposal meets criteria for submitting a proposal to an external funding agency
    2. If proposal meets criteria, the PI may proceed
    3. PI and all other participants on the proposal completes the Approval to Participate in the NMC form and returns it to the NMC
    4. NMC sends Approval to Participate to the NSEC/NMC Coordination Office for approval
    5. NSEC/NMC Coordination Office reviews proposal for approval
    6. If approved, the NMC is notified and submits the proposal to the external funding agency


If the proposal is funded by an external agency the following steps need to be taken:

    1. NMC gives the PI an offer letter (or an offer letter is sent to the person(s) being hired)
    2. The LANL PI completes an Outside Activity Permission Request Form 701
    3. The LANL PI obtains his/her management signatures and returns the 701 to the NMC.
    4. NMC sends the 701, a copy of the Approval to Participate and a copy of the offer letter to the NSEC/NMC Coordination Office Program Administrator.
    5. The NSEC/NMC Coordination Office Program Administrator submits the 701 to the LANL CIO office
    6. If 701 is approved by the COI office, LANL PI may work for the NMC
    7. LANL employee completes the NMC Release for Employment
    8. DIVA required for all foreign nationals hired by the NMC

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