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History of LANL IGPP(S)

  • IGPP established at LANL in 1980, with Paul Coleman as first director (Oct 1981)
  • Minigrant program starts in 1982, with 24 projects. Grows to 30+ projects in 1983.
  • SAGE course starts, in 1982
  • IGPP takes ownership of LANL's climate research activities in 1984 (Bob Malone/Sig Gerstl)
  • Paul Coleman resigns in 1986, returns to UCLA.
  • IGPP tasked to be more responsive to lab's research needs, and become more integrated into the lab.
  • Chick Keller appointed director in 1987.
  • Based on division input, defined focused research areas, of high laboratory interest.
  • Each focus had a ¼ time focus leader
  • In 1994, IGPP reassesses its role with visits to groups/divisions. Role reaffirmed.
  • Chick resigns as director in 2001.
  • Gary Geernaert appointed director in 2002
  • IGPP becomes an institutional center, and manages basic science strategies with divisions
  • In 2008, IGPP assigned to the Institutes Office, with responsibility to advance revolutionary research in support of a Laboratory goal to sustain research excellence in the long term.
  • Gary Geernaert joins DOE and Harald Dogliani serves as acting Director in 2010.
  • In 2010 IGPP Systemwide management office headquartered at UCLA formally terminated.  Many campus individual IGGP centers independently continued.
  • In 2012 Harald Dogliani becomes permanent Director.
  • IGPP explicitly identifies research on sensors/signatures and formally adds “S” for Signatures in its new title: IGGPS, Institute of Geophysics, Planetary Physics, and Signatures (2013).
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Advisory Board 2013
External Committee

Richard Aster - Chair
New Mexico Tech

George Fuller
UC San Diego

Brian McPherson
University of Utah

Mike Liemohn
University of Michigan

Greg Taylor
University of New Mexico

Carol Anne Clayson
Woods Hole

Dave Gutzler
University of New Mexico

Katrin Heitmann
Argonne National Laboratory

Donald "Don" Wuebbles
University of Illinois

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