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Institute for Multiscale Materials Studies (IMMS) Metrics

Fourth Quarter 2012

Students involved in Collaborative Research Projects

Kang Chen, UCSB, Large-scale Field-theoretic Simulation of Soft Polymer Assemblies

Jerred Chute, UCSB, A Dual Chemical and Theoretical Approach to the Engineering of Tuned Dendritic Structures and Surfaces

Roger Diebold, UCSB, Investigation of High Breakdown Strength Silicone Composites for Dielectric Elastomer Actuators and Sensors

John Frostad, UCSB, Physics of Foams and Emulsions

Brian Giera, UCSB, Ionic Transport in Confined Geometries Under Variable Electric Fields

Christopher Hammetter, UCSB, The Effects of Topology on the Crushing and Energy Absorption of Elastomeric Unit Cells

Miguel Jimenez, UCSB, Models for Electroactive Elastomers for Actuators in Polymeric Foam Systems

Donghun Kim, UCSB, Mesoporous Silica Materials for Fuel Cells and Energy Storage Applications

Trevor Marks, UCSB, Polysiloxane Thin Film Stability Determinants of Wall Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Foam Materials for Strategic Applications

Rob Messinger, UCSB, Molecular and Structural Characterization of Hydrogen-Blown RTV Silicone Foams to Evaluate and Optimize Material Performance and Production

Arthur Scholz, UCSB, Small Angle X-ray Scattering to Probe Strain-Induced Void Formation in Siloxane Elastomers

Daniel Shoemaker, UCSB, Understanding Functional Materials at Multiple Length Scales: Neutron Scattering and the Nanoscale Structure Problem

Max Watson, UCSB, A course grained lipid model for studying inhomogeneous membrane interfaces

Dongxu Zhou, UCSB, Role of NOM on Fate and Transport of Nanoparticles under Varying Aqueous Solution Chemistry

Esther Zhuang, UCSB, Development of Coarse-Grained Models for Protein Aggregation for Understanding Mechanisms Associated with Immune Responses

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