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--CANCELED--IS&T Seminar: Tools for Managing, Querying, and Processing Large-Scale Scientific Datasets

August 14, 2013
Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM
Location: TA-03, Bldg. 1698, Room A103 (MSL Auditorium)

Speaker: Gagan Agrawal, Ohio State University

Abstract:  This talk will describe  research on a number of `big-data' topics at Ohio State.  Initially, we will describe a framework for efficient `MapReduce'-style processing developed  in our lab. This system supports a  variant of the  popular MapReduce API, and has the following key features: 1) it can  be  up to a factor of 10 or more efficient than Hadoop for many scientific data analysis and data mining tasks, 2) it can directly work on top of scientific data formats like NetCDF and HDF5, and 3) it can  be used   not only on multi-core CPU clusters, but also accelerators and CPU-GPU clusters. 

Next, we will describe a data management framework, where `database'-like functionality is provided as an `add-on' on top of massive scientific datasets (including those stored in formats like NetCDF and HDF5). Without requiring any reformatting or reloading of data, we can support selection and projection queries, a number of array operations, sampling services, and other analysis often desired  in a scientific environment.  This work involves not only a  number of   optimizations on top of the existing work on  bitmap indices, but also novel applications of these methods, for sampling and dealing with  noisy data.

Biography:  Gagan Agrawal is a professor of computer science at Ohio State University. He  received a BS degree from IIT Kanpur, and MS and PhD degrees from University of Maryland, College Park.   He has worked in a number of research areas, including parallel compilation and runtime support, data mining, and grid and cloud computing. His recent research is focused on two areas: tools and programming models for accelerator-based  computing, and managing and processing large-scale datasets. 

For more information contact the technical host Curt Canada, cvc@lanl.gov, 665-7453 or James Ahrens, ahrens@lanl.gov, 667-5797.

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Hosted by the Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI)

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