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Software Engineering Institute Presentation: The Team Software Process

May 27, 2009
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Study Center, Jemez Room

The Team Software Process (TSP) helps engineering teams develop and deliver high-quality software-intensive systems within planned cost and schedule commitments. TSP integrates software engineering, estimating, planning and tracking, quality management, and self-directed teaming concepts into a defined process and measurement framework that was designed to be easily integrated with an organization's existing practices. Using TSP's self-directed teaming approach, development teams make their own plans and estimates and use their data to track their own work, to manage product quality, and to meet project commitments.

Managers like TSP because TSP teams routinely meet their commitments, have a data-based, quantitative understanding of the status of their projects, and they build-in quality at every step.

Developers like TSP because they own their plans, know where they stand, can represent their position using facts and data, and have the ability to build a quality product without unreasonable work commitments.

A growing number of organizations are adopting TSP to help them gain competitive advantage, build better products, and improve performance, including Intuit, Microsoft, Adobe, Sun Microsystems, Activision, Oracle, NAVAIR, and many others.

This session will
•    Provide an overview of TSP
•    Present a summary of TSP results
•    Describe how TSP works in a project setting
•    Describe how TSP is introduced in a project

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