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ISTI Colloquium: Exa‐Scale FSIO - Can we get there? Can we afford to?

February 9, 2011
Location: Rice University, CE/CS Department

Speaker:  Gary Grider
Deputy Division Leader, High Performance Com
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Abstract: This talk will describe the anticipated DOE Exascale initiative, a prospective very large extreme scale supercomputing program being formulated by DOE Office of Science and DOE NNSA. Motivations for the program as well as how the program may proceed will be presented. Anticipated Exascale machine dimensions will be provided as well. An analysis of the costs of providing scalable file systems and I/O for these future very large supercomputers will be examined in detail.

Biography: Gary currently is the Deputy Division Leader of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. As Deputy Division Leader, Gary is responsible for all aspects of High Performance Computing technologies at Los Alamos. Additionally, Gary is responsible for conducting and sponsoring R&D for keeping the new technology pipeline full to provide solutions to problems in the Lab¹s HPC environment. Gary is the past national co-coordinator for the High End Computing Interagency Working Group (HECIWG) File Systems and I/O (FSIO) advisory team which guides and coordinates all government spending on HEC FSIO R&D. Additionally, Gary is the Director of the Los Alamos Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI), LANL/UCSC Institute for Scientific Scalable Data Management and the LANL/CMU Institute for Reliable High Performance Information Technology. He is also the LANL PI for the Petascale Data Storage Institute, a DOE SciDAC2 Institute.

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