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Computing and Information Technology Student Mini Showcase

August 4, 2011
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Study Center, Jemez/Cochiti Conference Rooms

Information Science and Technology Institute and High Performance Computing

presents the 3rd Annual

Computing and Information Technology Student Mini Showcase


Technical Talks - Study Center Jemez/Cochiti Conference Rooms
Poster Sessions - Study Center, Gallery

This event will showcase the work of computing students across the various divisions, including CCS, DCS, HPC, NIE, SAE, and INST. Students and staff from the various computing divisions are invited to network and to discuss and celebrate the student’s work. Any interested badge holder may attend.

For more information contact Carol Hogsett, carol@lanl.gov, 665‐4732 or Josephine Olivas, jojo@lanl.gov, 663-5725.

Check back often for updated information.

Tentative Agenda

8:00   Poster Set-up (posters must be up and ready by 8:30 AM)
8:45   Welcome—Gary Grider, HPC-DO
8:55   Cost of Security: Auditing Focus—Kevin Lopez, Casey Mortensen, Matthew Chambers; INST-OFF
9:10   Module Display—Jacob Wilson, HPC-3
9:25   Cost Security: Firewall Focus— Charles "David" Warner, Kyle Sandoval, Estevan Trujillo; INST-OFF
9:40   ICN Accounts Office Solutions—Jeffrey Thornton, NIE-2

10:00 Break

10:10 Automating MPI task Placement for Torus Interconnects—Evan Samanas, HPC-3
10:25 Cluster Virtualization—Derek Walker, Russell Husted, Povi Cruz, INST-OFF
10:40 Performance Analysis and Evaluation of LANL's PaScalBB IO Nodes using QDR Infiniband and Multiple 10-Gigabit Ethernets—Rocio Perez-Medina, INST-OFF; Daniel Illescas, HPC-3

11:00 - 1:00 PM  Student Poster Session, Gallery (light snacks and beverages provided)

1:00   Applied Parallel Metadata indexing—Mike Jacobi, HPC-3
1:15   Storage Tape Performance—William Buehler, Jonathan Maye-Hobbs; INST-OFF
1:30   SciHadoop, Array-based Query Processing in Hadoop—Joe Buck, HPC-5

1:50   Break

2:00   Performance Studies of Scientific Applications on High Performance Computing Cluster with Big Memory Footprint—Garrett Lord, Jesse Martinez, Derrick Lee, Christopher Moore; INST-OFF
2:15   Pantheon: Exascale File System Search for Scientific Computing—Joe Naps, HPC-5
2:30   Performance Studies of Out-of-Core Computing on Various Storage Devices--Fusion IO's IOSan SSD, SuperTalent's RaidDrive SSD, and OCZ SSD—Garrett Lord, Jesse Martinez, Derrick Lee, Christopher Moore; INST-OFF
3:00   Event Concludes (Take down posters)

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