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Information Science & Technology Seminar Series

Speaker Schedule


2013-01-09Warren B. PowellPrinceton UniversityFrank AlexanderIS&T Seminar: The Knowledge Gradient Policy for Optimal Learning
2012-11-07Benjamin SandersonNCARNathan UrbanIS&T Seminar: Model Interdependency in the CMIP5 Multi-Model Ensemble: A Framework for Integrated Projections
2012-10-03Boris KhattatovFusion Numerics LLCMisha ChertkovIS&T Seminar: Assimilative Modeling of the Ionosphere: Implementation, Validation and Applications
2012-09-26Klaus MayerJoint Research Centre Inst. for Transuranium ElemeLav TandonIS&T Seminar: Nuclear Forensic Science--Revealing Information Inherent to Nuclear Material for Nuclear Safeguards and Nuclear Security
2012-09-19Thakshila WimalajeewaSyracuse UniversityAmy GalbraithIS&T Seminar: Compressive Sensing Based Statistical Inference
2012-09-12Peter LoxleyLos Alamos National LaboratoryGarrett KenyonIS&T Seminar: Learning Dictionary Statistics from Natural Images
2012-08-29Larry MacCheroneCarnegie Mellon UniversitySteve PainterISTC Seminar: “Agile Software Development Methods”
2012-08-22Frank PabianLos Alamos National LaboratoryGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: “Geospatial Tools for Nonproliferation Analysis”
2012-08-15Lenka ZdeborovaCEA Saclay and CNRS, FranceMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: “Module Detection in Networks Via Belief Propagation”
2012-08-13William Q. MeekerIowa State UniversityScott Vander WielISTC Seminar: “Statistical Methods for Degradation Data with Dynamic Covariates and an Application to Outdoor Weathering Prediction”
2012-08-08Andrew M. FraserLos Alamos National LaboratoryGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: “Maxentropic Markov Chains”
2012-08-01Kevin LinUniversity of ArizonaMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: “Faster Dynamic Monte Carlo via Markov Couplings”
2012-07-18Alan SchaumU.S. Naval Research LaboratoryJames TheilerISTC Seminar: “Continuum Fusion: A New Approach to Decision Theory”
2012-07-11Stanley R. RotmanBen-Gurion University of the NegevJames TheilerISTC Seminar: “Evaluating Sub-Pixel Target Detection Algorithms in Hyper-Spectral Imagery”
2012-06-13Dave AckleyUniversity of New MexicoGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: “A Machine for Robust-First Computing”
2012-06-06George CybenkoDartmouthJoshua NeilISTC Seminar: “Computational Behavioral Analysis”
2012-05-30David MascareñasLos Alamos National LaboratoryJames TheilerISTC Seminar: “Cyber-Physical Security for Forward-Deployed, Unattended, Measurement Systems and Mobile Robots”
2012-05-23Lars KoesterkeTexas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)Casey MeakinISTC Seminar: "The Future of High Performance Computing for Physicists/Astrophysicists"
2012-05-09Pentti KanervaUC Berkeley, Redwood Center for Theoretical NeurosGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Hyperdimensional Computing as a Model of the Brain's Computing"
2012-05-02Gary CottrellUniversity of California, San DiegoGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Efficient Coding: From Retina Ganglion Cells to V2 Cells"
2012-04-25Alexander IhlerUC IrvineMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "Mixed Inference Algorithms for Estimation and Decisions in Graphical Models"
2012-04-18Peter ChewGalisteo Consulting GroupKary MyersISTC Seminar: "Solving Big Data Problems: From Heuristics to Theory"
2012-04-18Max WellingUC IrvineMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "Improving Belief Propagation with Cycle Bases and Cluster Cumulants"
2012-04-11Nigel NewtonUniversity of Essex, United KingdomFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "A Statistical Manifold Modelled on Hilbert Space, with Applications to Nonlinear Filtering"
2012-03-22Daniel DennettTufts UniversityDavid WolpertISTC Seminar: "Practical vs.'Theoretical' Free Will"
2012-03-21Kiri WagstaffJet Propulsion LaboratoryJames TheilerISTC Seminar: "Eyes Wide Open: Iterative Discovery in Large Data Sets without Premature Specialization"
2012-03-14Frank SteinIBM WatsonSteven BrumbyISTC Seminar: "Watson: IBM's Latest Grand Challenge"
2012-03-07Bette KorberLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Transforming Under Pressure: A Evolutionary Tale of Two Pathogens, HIV and M. tuberculosis"
2012-03-01Armand MakowskiUniversity of MarylandMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "Scaling Laws in Random Threshold Graphs"
2012-02-29Armand MakowskiUniversity of MarylandMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "On the Critical Transmission Range in One-dimensional Random Networks under Non-uniform Node Placement"
2012-02-22James TheilerLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Clairvoyance and Confusion: Some Remarks on the Composite Hypothesis Testing Problem"
2012-02-15Reid PorterLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Statistics, Semantics, Inference and Learning: How to Use the Force"
2012-02-08Michalis FaloutsosUniversity of California, RiversideStephan EidenbenzISTC Seminar: "Detecting Malware: Traffic Classification, Botnets, and Facebook Scams"
2012-01-18David WolpertLANLFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "From Game Theory to Game Engineering"
2012-01-11Uzi VishkinUniversity of Maryland Institute for Advanced CompMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "Current Mainstream Computing: If in a hole, should we keep digging?"
2011-12-20Laura SmithUniversity of California, Los AngelesNick HengartnerISTC Student/Postdoc Seminar: "Modeling Street Gang Rivalries in Los Angeles"
2011-11-30Valerio Mante and David SussilloStanford UniversityGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Integration and Gating of Sensory Information is Achieved by a Single Cortical Circuit with Orthogonal Mixed Representations"
2011-10-12Joseph M. HilbeArizona State UniversityElizabeth Kelly & Kary MyersISTC Seminar: "Recent Advances in Astrostatistics: Guidelines for the Future"
2011-08-31Tsvi AchlerLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Student/Postdoc Seminar: "Computing, Learning, and Estimating, Under the Inverse"
2011-08-24Stanley RotmanBen-Gurion University of the NegevJames TheilerISTC Seminar: "Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery with Singular Covariance Matrices"
2011-08-18Joel TroppCaltecNick HengartnerISTC Seminar: "Finding Structure with Randomness: Probabilistic Algorithms for Constructing Low-Rank Matrix Decompositions"
2011-08-03Niall M. AdamsImperial College LondonFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Streaming Change Point Detection Methods"
2011-08-03Nick Heard and Melissa TurcotteImperial College LondonJoshua NeilISTC Seminar: "Bayesian Anomaly Detection Methods for Social Networks"
2011-07-27Zheping JiLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Student/Postdoc Seminar: "Deep Generative Models of Primate Visual Cortex"
2011-07-20Gary Horne and Steve AndersonNaval Postgraduate SchoolScott DoeblingISTC Seminar: "Data Farming and the Exploration of Inter-agency and Inter-disciplinary "What If?" Questions and Solutions"
2011-07-13Andrew MarshallPurdueGarrett KenyonISTC Student/Postdoc Seminar: "Human Response to Supersonic Aircraft Noise - the Development of a Startle Model"
2011-06-29Gerard MedioniUSCAlexei SkurikhinISTC Seminar: "Wide Area Airborne Surveillance: Opportunities and Challenges"
2011-06-22Ilya SafroArgonne National LaboratoryAlexander "Sasha" GutfraindISTC Seminar: "Multiscale Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems on Networks"
2011-05-24Frederica DaremaUSAFFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "InfoSymbiotics - The power of Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS)"
2011-05-18Leonid GurvitsLANLFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Hyperbolicity, (Strong) Log-Concavity, Complexity and All That Jazz"
2011-05-04Ulisses M. Braga-NetoTexas A&MFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Signal Processing Applications in Biomarker Discovery and Inference of Boolean Regulatory Networks"
2011-04-13Greg SniderHewlett Packard LabsGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Building Brains with Memristive Memory"
2011-04-13Ennio MingollaBoston UniversityGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "The Unexpected Units of Vision"
2011-04-13Max VersaceBoston UniversityGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Brain-Inspired Computing"
2011-04-07Reid PriedhorskyIBMFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Geographic Wikis and Beyond"
2011-03-30Antonis PapachristodoulouOxfordMarian AnghelISTC Seminar: "Nonlinear Systems Analysis tools using Sum of Squares"
2011-03-09Randy BryantCarnegie Mellon UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Data-Intensive Scalable Computing: Finding the Right Programming Models"
2011-02-16Claire MonteleoniColumbiaFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Tracking Climate Models: Advances in Climate Informatics"
2011-02-09Vince ClarkMind InstituteGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Acceleration of Learning to Identify Concealed Threats using Brain Stimulation Targeted with Neuroimaging"
2011-01-26Hugh ChipmanAcadia UniversityAlexander "Sasha" GutgraindISTC Seminar: "Discovery and Prediction in Email Networks via Statistical Modelling"
2010-12-08Hod LipsonCornell UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Distilling Free-Form Natural Laws from Experimental Data: From cognitive robotics to particle physics to computational biology"
2010-12-01David SaadAston UniversityMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "The Statistical Physics of Noisy Computation"
2010-10-20Pablo A. ParriloMITMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "Consistency of Preferences and Near-Potential Games"
2010-10-13Dileep GeorgeNumentaGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "How to build a brain without solving it"
2010-10-06James TheilerLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Anomalous Change Detection"
2010-09-29Greg StephensPrincetonGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Do we click? Speaker-listener neural coupling underlies successful communication"
2010-09-28Juyang WengMichigan State UniversityGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "A 5-Chunk Brain-Mind Network Model"
2010-09-22Pedro DomingosWashington UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Markov Logic Networks: A Language for Statistical Relational Learning"
2010-09-15Jacek BeclaStanford UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Real Life Data Intensive Applications - Challenges and Solutions"
2010-08-25Ari RosenbergWashington University in St. LouisGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "A Nonlinear Coding Scheme in the Early Visual System"
2010-07-21Kirk BorneGeorge Mason UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Astroinformatics: Data-Oriented Astronomy Research and Education"
2010-07-07Ankur SrivastavaRice UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Acceleration of Surrogate Modeling with Machine Learning Techniques"
2010-06-23Jonathan YedidiaMitsubishiMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "Probabilistic Inference Using Divide & Concur and Belief Propagation"
2010-06-16Pirooz VakiliBoston UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "DataBase Monte Carlo (DBMC) and Generic Control Variates for Efficient Parametric Estimation"
2010-05-19Peter DoerschukCornell UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Statistical Inference for Dynamical Structural Biology"
2010-05-12David MarchetteNaval Surface Warfare CenterJosh NeilISTC Seminar: "Time Series of Attributed Graphs"
2010-04-21Christian ReidysNankai UniversityStephan EidenbenzISTC Seminar: "Robustness and Plasticity in RNA"
2010-04-14Edward DoughertyTexas A&MFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Epistemology of Small-Sample Classification"
2010-04-08Sanjay ShakkottaiUT AustinMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: "Scheduling for Small Delays in Multi-channel Wireless Networks"
2010-03-31Eric Matzner-LoberUniversity Rennes 2, FranceNick HengartnerISTC Seminar: "Iterative Bias Reduction for Multivariate Smoothers"
2010-03-24Yannis PaschalidisBoston UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Statistical Anomaly Detection with Applications in Cybersecurity"
2010-03-10Hans ZiockLANLFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Information, A New Approach"
2010-03-03Clint ScovelLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Radial Kernels in Learning Theory"
2010-02-24Henry AbarbanelUCSDFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: “State and Parameter Estimation in Models of Nonlinear Systems"
2010-02-10Chris BrislawnLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Group Lifting Structures for Wavelet Transforms and Multirate Filter Banks"
2010-02-03Jinyi QiUC DavisKonstantin BorozdinISTC Seminar: "Bayesian Image Reconstruction for Muon Tomography"
2010-01-27Kunihiko FukushimaKansai University, JapanLuis BettencourtISTC Seminar: "Use of Blur in Neural Networks for Vision"
2010-01-20Islam HusseinWorcester Polytechnic InstituteGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Search and Classification Decision-Making for Mobile Sensor Coverage of Large-Scale Domains"
2010-01-13Alexandre MegretskiMITFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Accounting for Robustness in Optimization-Based Identification of Nonlinear Models"
2010-01-06Richard HughesLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Quantum Key Distribution: Longer Ranges and Stronger Security with Superconducting Detectors and Decoy States"
2009-12-16Damian EadsLANL & University of California, UCSCGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Learning Task-specific Object Location Predictors with Boosting and Grammar-guided Feature Extraction"
2009-12-02Yannis KevrekidisPrinceton UniversityTurab LookmanISTC Seminar: "Coarse-graining Agent-based Computations: Equation-free and Variable-free Computations"
2009-11-18Amy M. GuthormsenLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Using Neurophysiological Markers to Measure Conceptual Integration between Mathematical and Semantic Information"
2009-11-04Andy FraserLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Measurement Selection and Receiver Operating Characteristics"
2009-10-21Anna MatsekhLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: "Numerical Aspects of Image Segmentation"
2009-10-14Huriye AtamturkturLANL and Clemson UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: "Predicative Maturity:  A Quantitative Metric for Optimizing Complex Simulations via Systematic Experimental Validation"
2009-10-07Steven P. BrumbyLANLGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: Large-scale Functional Models of Visual Cortex for Computer Vision and Remote Sensing
2009-09-23James W. KrogerNew Mexico State UniversityGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: Frontopolar Cortex and Complex Thought
2009-08-05Alexander SzalayJohns Hopkins UniversityFrank AlexanderISTC Seminar: Science in an Exponential World
2009-05-13Charless C. FowlkesUniversity of California, IrvineAlexei SkurikhinISTC Student Seminar: Direct Neural Imaging using Ultra-Low Field MRI
2009-04-22Fred RobertsRutgers UniversityNick HengartnerISTC Seminar: Dynamic Data Analysis for Homeland Security
2009-04-15Melanie MitchellPortland State UniversityGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: Using Analogy with Pictures
2009-04-01Mikhail BelkinOhio State UniversityJohn HogdenISTC Seminar: Manifold and Semi-supervised Learning using Laplace Operations
2009-03-11Don JohnsonRice UniversityIlya Nemenman & Garrett KenyonISTC Seminar: Information Theory and Neural Information Processing
2009-03-10Sridevi SarmaMITISTC Seminar-Closed -Loop Simulation for Parkinson's Disease
2009-03-10Munther DahlehMITISTC Seminar-Fundamental Limitations of Networked Decision Systems
2009-03-04David GamarnikMITMisha ChertkovISTC Seminar: Statistical Physics and Algorithms for Graph Counting Problems
2009-02-25Rex JungUNM, The Mind Research NetworkGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: The Creative Brain: From Neuromythology to Neuroscience
2009-01-21Todd LeenOregon Health & Science UniversityAndy FraserISTC Seminar: Stochastic Learning in Brains and Machines
2008-10-29Les AtlasWashington UniversityJohn HogdenISTC Seminar: Acoustic Scene Analysis, Complex Modulations and a New Form of Filtering
2008-10-22Dan HammerstromPortland State UniversityGarrett KenyonISTC Seminar: Intelligent Computation with CMOL
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