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Information Science has become central to scientific discovery and innovation, and algorithms and methods are keystones of Information Science. There is unrelenting national need for new generations of ideas, concepts, and methodologies to improve the analysis, fidelity, reliability, certainty, and usability of tools to guide and interpret experiments and to provide prediction and control for complex phenomena and systems: the "Information Science and Technology" capability between data and prediction. The Information Science Algorithms and Methods Institute (ISAMI) fosters research and development of algorithms and methods for application across scientific frontiers and topic areas of national security interest.

ISAMI is a multi-year educational collaboration between LANL and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The ISAMI assists LANL in recruiting new employees in the Information Science area. The institute also provide retention and revitilization activities for existing LANL staff including promoting joint LANL/MIT collaborations. The institute concentrates on joint collaboration that will lead to external joint funding opportunities.

The ISAMI Collaborative Research Program focus areas include the following.

  • algorithm development
  • information theory
  • machine learning
  • systems analysis
  • state estimation
  • model reduction

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