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Comments about the Computer System, Cluster, and Networking Summer Institute

"I gained valuable knowledge and experience from the summer at the institute and made numerous connections." – 2009 Student

"I have never had an opportunity to learn so much in such a short amount of time. The equipment we were working with is not available in the university environment." – 2007 Student

"I cannot express how thankful I am to have had such a wonderful opportunity at a great summer internship. I was very fortunate to get the hands-on experience because it opened my eyes to what my career is going to be like." – 2008 Student

"Andree is an excellent instructor. He was dedicated to providing us a great experience and made the entire summer institute fun and exciting. I learned a great deal from him." – 2009 Student

Cabling on cluster

"I would definitely recommend this program to someone else. It was a really fun summer and this program provides you with the opportunity to do things you would never get to do anywhere else." – 2008 Student

"The Summer Institute as a whole was a great experience. The exposure to real-life computing problems and solutions was useful. It gave me a taste of my future career." – 2008 Student

"It is an excellent environment that exposed the group to real-world working environments and helped me understand quite a bit about the lab and research in general." – 2009 Student

"Andree did a great job at making the summer fun and building camaraderie among the teams." – 2008 Student

"I learned more here than I have in any semester at school." – 2009 Student

"The Summer Institute gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizens and learn about closely related fields." – 2007 Student

"The program provides an excellent grounding in HPC, an overview of the current state of the industry, and a great introduction to the lab." – 2009 Student

"The opportunity to learn over the summer and get paid for it is wonderful. The people and opportunities here are much better than many other places that students could spend their time." – 2009 Student

"The most significant experience this summer was Los Alamos itself. I especially enjoyed the mountains, moderate weather, scenery, parks, and city facilities." – 2008 Student Summer Institute 2007 lecture

"The team building was an excellent way to get to know the students we were working with. The development classes helped me get my resume in good order and provided help for interviews. " – 2009 Student

"My most significant experience this summer was seeing the opportunities that are out there. I thought that about the only thing I could do after graduating with a Computer Science degree was write code. This summer has opened my eyes to some of the other opportunities that exist both at LANL and elsewhere." – 2008 Student

"I learned so much! Networking and installing everything to get a working cluster was great. This is stuff you can't learn without the hands on opportunity we got here." – 2007 Student

"The energy and enthusiasm that Andree put into his lectures and our curriculum in general was always refreshing. His love of teaching really helped keep me motivated in my learning." – 2009 Student 2008 Summer Instiute tour photo

"I had a great experience in the Summer Institute. I developed skills in many areas, not just technical ones. The Institute helped me build teamwork and social skills as well as giving me exposure to a different work environment." – 2008 Student

"This program is a unique and awesome experience. Learning from the incredibly skilled and dedicated people here at LANL is one of the best experiences in my education. Everyone was so kind and inspiring. I would love to work with all the people I've met." – 2009 Student

"The Summer Institute as a whole was a great experience. The exposure to real-life computing problems and solutions was useful. It gave me a taste of my future career." – 2008 Student

"Truly a magical experience. I never thought I would learn so much. Everyone was so kind and helpful. One of greatest summers ever!"  – 2009 Student

"Anyone interested in computer science has something to gain from the Los Alamos experience."  – 2008 Student

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