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  • Institute Director
    Dan Thoma
    (505) 663-5627
  • Institute Deputy Director
    Bob Field
    (505) 663-5807
  • Institute Office Manager
    Lynn Chavez
    (505) 663-5233

Materials Design Institute (MDI) Metrics

Second Quarter 2012


Controlling Microstructural Dynamics During Hot Working January 2012Bogdan Mihaila MST-6, George Kaschner MST-8, J.P. Delplanque UCD

Agent-Based Economic Simulation for Crisis Prediction January 2012John R. Thorp CCS-DO, Stephen Eidenbenz CCS-7, Bernd Hamann UCD, Neil Fligstein Berkeley, Sean Williams UCD

Novel Antiviral Proteins Against High-Priority Bio-threat Agents January 2012Goutam Gupta B-7, Tilahun Yilma UCD

Exploit Pathogen Effectors and their Plant Targets to Combat Disease January 2012Goutam Gupta B-7, Thomas Terwilliger INST-OFF, George Bruening UCD

The dynamics of pathogen recombination and host adaptation January 2012Goutam Gupta B-7, Paul Fenimore T-6

Multiscale Modeling of Biological Systems January 2012Goutam Gupta B-7, Shankar Subramaniam UCSD

In-situ Monitoring of Dynamic Phenomena during Phase Transformation Processing January 2012Robert Field MST-6, Dan Thoma INST-OFF, Amy Clarke MST-6

A Computational Movie Camera to Present Analytics During Scientific Simulations February 2012James Ahrens CCS-7, John R. Thorp CCS-DO, Bernd Hamann UCD, Sean Williams UCD

Study of intermetallic nanostructures for light-water reactor January 2012Stuart Maloy ADE, Niels Gronbech Jensen UCD, Mark Asta UCD

Center for Advanced Nuclear materials (CaNM) Developing a collaborative pathway to address nuclear materials research March 2012Stuart Maloy ADE, Mark Bourke MST-8, Niels Gronbech Jensen UCD, Mark Asta UCD

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