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  • Institute Director
    Dan Thoma
    (505) 663-5627
  • Institute Deputy Director
    Bob Field
    (505) 663-5807
  • Institute Office Manager
    Lynn Chavez
    (505) 663-5233

Materials Design Institute (MDI) Metrics

Second Quarter 2012


Interface Exchange as an Indicator for Eddy Heat Transport March 2012
Bernd Hamann UCD, Sean Williams UCD, John Patchett CCS-7, Mattew Hecht CCS-2, James Ahrens CCS-7, Mathew Maltrud T-3

Experimental Methodologies for Assessing the Surface Energy Energy of Highly Hygroscopic Materials: the Case of Nanocrystalline Magnesiaaterials: The Case of Nan February 2012
Tien Tran UCD, Ricardo Castro UCD

Transparent Nanocrystalline Pure and Ca-Doped MgO by Spark Plasma Sintering of Anhydrous Nanoparticles March 2012
Tien Tran UCD, Ricardo Castro UCD

Characterization of Acicular and Banded Microstructures in U-Nb Alloys January 2012
Dan Thoma INST-OFF, Robert Field MST-6

Characterization of Work-hardening Evolution in Hexagonal Metals Using Mean Slip Distance Normalized with Inter-obstale Spacing March 2012
George Kaschner MST-8

Theses and Dissertations

Nanostructured Aluminum Alloys and Their Composites
Troy Topping, Ph.D. Dissertation, March 2012
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