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  • Institute Director
    Dan Thoma
    (505) 663-5627
  • Institute Deputy Director
    Bob Field
    (505) 663-5807
  • Institute Office Manager
    Lynn Chavez
    (505) 663-5233

Joint Educational Program

The classroom educational program being developed will focus on modeling and simulation of materials processing-structure-property relationships, with a particular emphasis on linking the experimental components with increasing scale and complexity to arrive at engineering application and performance levels. This program will provide students with a new area of technical training that will allow them to accelerate the development of materials for engineering applications. Courses will be taught at both UC Davis and LANL locations by UC Davis faculty and LANL staff. The program will have a multi-disciplinary approach focusing on the combination of materials science, chemistry, applied sciences, and computational simulation. Currently, no other institution offers a degree or program that combines these particular areas with the focus of rapid maturation of materials.

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