Resilience Workshops and Conferences

  • Large Conferences With Resilience Contributions

    Most high performance computing (HPC), high end computing (HEC), and supercomputing conferences have calls for papers related to fault-tolerance, reliability, dependability, and resilience. While not directly focused in this area, these are some good venues to attend, submit papers to, and be aware of.
  • Resilience and Fault-Tolerance Focused Workshops

    These smaller workshops specifically focus on resilience and fault-tolerance in the area of HPC, HEC, and supercomputing.
  • Talks Given at LANL

    Invited talks from collaborators:
  • . . . and Seminars Held at LANL

    Nathan DeBardeleben hosted a resilience seminar series at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2009. See the SEMINAR PAGE for specific dates and topics. Guest speakers are always welcome.
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