Los Alamos National Laboratory Resilience Seminars

UPDATE: This information is a bit dated. These seminars have been moved internally and so while they have continued they are no longer accessible from an open web site.

Nathan DeBardeleben (ndebard@lanl.gov) regularly hosts resilience seminars at LANL to discuss topics related to resilience. Topics of interest include the discussion of recent conferences, publications, events (dealing with a recent problem), and important and influential works.

Meetings are held at LANL in the Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS) Conference room at TA-3-1690. The seminar regularly occurs biweekly on Wednesdays from 9-10am.

Guest speakers are always welcome! Please contact Nathan (ndebard@lanl.gov) to schedule a talk or suggest at topic. Guest speakers may be required to cover their own travel to Los Alamos, however.