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  • Institute Director
    Charles Farrar
    (505) 663-5330
  • UCSD EI Director
    Michael Todd
    (858) 534-5951
  • Institute Office Manager
    Jutta Kayser
    (505) 663-5649

Dynamics Summer School Projects


Embedded Active Vibration Cancellation of a Piston-Driven Cryocooler for Nuclear Spectroscopy Applications
Identifying and Modeling Physics Based Damping in Finite Element Analysis
Assessment of the finite element code NLBeam for modeling large amplitude structural dynamic response of wind turbine blades.
Characterization of Bio-Inspired Synthetic Hair Cell Sensors
Dynamic Characterization of Wind Turbine Blades


Dynamic Characterization of Satellite Components through Non-Invasive Methods
Performance Comparison of Intensity-modulated and Interferometric Fiber Optic Sensors for Displacement Measurement
Development of Polymer ‘Chips’ used in Medical Diagnostics
Peri-Prosthetic Fracture Vibration Testing Protocol
Vibration Testing and Structural Damage Identification of Wind Turbine Blades


Energy Harvesting to Power Sensing Hardware Onboard a Wind Turbine Blade
Input Estimation from Measured Structural Response
Structural Damage Identification in Wind Turbine Blades using Piezoelectric Active Sensing
Strain Sensors for High Field Pulse Magnets
Fiber Optic Strain Gage Verification and Polyethylene Hip Liner Testing
Modeling, Estimation and Monitoring of Force Transmission in Wind Turbines


Multi-Transducer System for Energy Harvesting
Initial Mechanical Stability of Cementless Highly-porous Titanium Tibial Components
Use of a Collocated Sensor-Actuator for Dynamic Control and Structural Health Monitoring
Dynamic Characterization of Carbon Foils for Space Flight Applications
Real-Time Dynamic Measurements of a Wind Turbine Rotor Blade using Modal Filtering
Improving a Turn Process using Piezoelectric Actuators


Zero-Power Seismic Sensors for Discrimination of Foot and Vehicle Traffic
Energy Harvesting through Electromechanical Transducers
Initial Mechanical Stability of Cementless Porous Titanium Patellar Components
A Reconfigurable Hardware Application for Machining of Metal Parts
Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification of Particulate Composite Materials


Ultrasonic Imaging Techniques for Breast Cancer Detection
Model Validation of Loose Bolted Joints in Damaged Structural Systems
Design and Evaluation of a Piezoelectric Actuator for Turning
Femoral Component Installation Monitoring
Validation Study of Silastic J Viscoelastic Model
Instantaneous Structural Damage Identification using Piezoelectric-based Lamb Wave Propagation
Fatigue Crack Monitoring with Non-Linear Acoustics


Active Piezoelectric Sensing for Damage Identification in Honeycomb Composite Panels
The Effect of Fixed Joint Uncertainty on Dynamic Properties
Ultrasonic Assessment and Model Validation of Damage in Carbon-fiber Based Composites
Damage Assessment through Control Feedback Expansion of Modal Space
Model Validation of Loose Bolted Joints in Damaged Structural Systems 2005
Monitoring Femoral Component Insertion during Uncemented Total Hip Arthroplasty


Detecting Bond Condition of Hip Prosthesis in Simulated Bone
Assessment of Robust Control on Damage Growth
Piezoelectric Active Sensing for Damaged Detection in Pipeline Structures
Optimizing Tuned Auxiliary Structures for Power Harvesting
Baseball-Bat Impact Experiments and Model Development
Ultrasonic Scanning of Adhesively Bonded Plates


Optimal Power Harvesting Using Piezoelectric Materials
Failure Prediction in Composite Plates with Impact-Induced Damage
Modifying Self-Sensing Circuit to Increase Stability of Vibration Control
Structural Damage Detection Using Chaotic Time Series Excitation
Shaker Control in the Presence of Nonlinearities


Structural Damage Detection Using the Holder Exponent
Vibration Modeling and Suppression in Tennis Racquets
Modal Parameters for a Flat Plate Supported on an Oil Film
Active Vibration Damping in the Presence of Uncertainties
Identification of Random Variation in Structures and Their Parameter Estimates


Identifying the Effects Stiffness Changes in a 5 Degree of Freedom System
Bookshelf Damage Detection Tests and Modal Analysis
Passive Modal Damping with Shunted Piezoelectric Element
Effects of Bearing Surfaces on Lap Joint Energy Dissipation


Team EDDIE - Personal Airbag Spinal Protection Device
Characterization of Damping in Bolted Lap Joints
Damage Detection in Joints through Statistical Analysis
Identification of Nonlinearities in an 8 Degree-of-Freedom System
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