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Off-Site Foreign National Visit Request

All LANL foreign national guests are required to have approval in the DIVA system and an active Oracle record prior to their arrival at the Laboratory.  In limited circumstances, if an event meets Off-Site criteria and benefits a collaborative effort between LANL and the NMC, an off-site visit request may be submitted for approval. If approved, a DIVA may not be required.

    1. NMC receives a request from LANL staff member  to hold a “meeting or event” in  NMC space
    2. NMC inquires if there are any Foreign Nationals attendees (if yes continue)
    3. NMC refers the LANL PI to the NSEC/NMC Coordination Office Program Administrator
    4. Program Administrator requests a written description of the request. If the event meets the Off-Site criteria and the event benefits collaborations between LANL and NMC, the LANL PI will be provided an Off-Site Visit Request.  If the event does not meet criteria, a DIVA is required.

      i. LANL PI completes the Off-Site Visit Request, obtains his/her managers signatures and returns the completed form to the Program Administrator

      ii. If approved, the approved Off-site Visit Request will be sent to the NMC

      iii. Reservations to use NMC space can be made

      iv. Any changes in the arrangements prior to the meeting need to be approved

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