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Minigrant Program

The Director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory provides funds, primarily under the LDRD process for collaborative research involving LANL and University principal investigators (PIs), i.e., in the form of a minigrant program.

  • Graduate student and/or postdoc participation is an essential component of all approved minigrant projects.
  • While many minigrants extend up to three years duration, IGPP issues minigrant awards on one-year, fiscal-year basis with renewals decided as per scientific progress.
  • In most cases, minigrants are dedicated to support salary and travel costs for the participating graduate student and/or postdoc, some equipment costs, and a minimal amount of support for the PIs.
  • Successful proposals are required to include some form of matching support from their universities.
  • Acceptable forms of matching support are the same as, but not restricted to, those accepted by the National Science Foundation or other Federal research funding agencies.
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External Committee

Richard Aster - Chair
New Mexico Tech

George Fuller
UC San Diego

Brian McPherson
University of Utah

Mike Liemohn
University of Michigan

Greg Taylor
University of New Mexico

Carol Anne Clayson
Woods Hole

Dave Gutzler
University of New Mexico

Katrin Heitmann
Argonne National Laboratory

Donald "Don" Wuebbles
University of Illinois

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