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Third Annual SRL/ISSDM Research Symposium

October 18, 2011
Time: 9:40 AM - 6:25 PM
Location: Los Alamos Research Park, Suite 101A, via Polycom from UCSC


9:40 Introduction—Scott Brandt, SRL Director

9:45 Welcome—Art Ramirez, Dean, Baskin School of Engineering

9:50 Session I: Scientific Data Management - Part 1 (Session Chair: Carlos Maltzahn)
          9:50  SciHadoop: Array-based Query Processing in Hadoop—Joe Buck
        10:20  Push-based Processing of Scientific Data—Noah Watkins
        10:50  Insertion-optimized File System—Latchesar Ionkov

11:20 BREAK

11:50 Session II: Scientific Data Management - Part 2 (Chair: Neoklis Polyzotis)
          11:50  FLAMBES: Evolving Fast Performance Models—Adam Crume
          12:20  Divergent Physical Design Tuning—Jeff LeFevre
          12:50  Theoretical Aspects of Divergent Physical Design—Kleoni Ioannidou

 1:20 LUNCH

 2:20 Keynote Address — Security and Real-time in Open Distributed Systems -- a Research
         Challenge Agenda—Richard Golding (Senior Software Architect, Kinsey Technical Services)

 2:50  Session III: Storage Systems (Session Chair: Scott Brandt)
          2:50 QMDS:  A File System Metadata Management Service Supporting a Graph Data Model-based
          Query Language—Sasha Ames
          3:20 RAID4S: Supercharging RAID Small Writes with SSD—Rosie Wacha
          3:50 Managing High-Bandwidth Real-Time Data Storage—David Bigelow

 4:20 BREAK

 4:50  Session IV: Distributed Storage Performance Management (Chair: Scott Brandt)
          4:50  Performance management for disk storage devices as a black box—Dimitrios Skourtis
          5:20  RUN: Optimal Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling via Reduction to Uniprocessor
          —Greg Levin
          5:50  AD-FLOWS: Buffering for Predictable Communications—Kleoni Ioannidou

 6:20  Closing Remarks—Scott Brandt

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