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FAQ: Taking LANL Institutes Courses

  • What is the application procedure? Does the applicant still follow the school's application procedures too? Is there a LANL application procedure?
    You must apply and get accepted at the school the normal application process. However, you must let the school know that you are a LANL employee applying and planning on doing your graduate work at LANL.
  • What is the selection processes? Is LANL or the school or both responsible for the selection? If LANL has a selection criteria, what information can you provide about it?
    You must be an accepted student at the school you wish to take classes from, and your line management must approve of the time you spend during the work day on your educational activities. The amount of time that a group will approve varies.
  • What are the options/requirements for time at the University versus time at LANL? Can one live and work from the University for a quarter/semester as needed (i.e. for periods of high class loads)?
    This will depend on what your line management approves. There is fundamentally no issue with taking some courses on campus and some here at LANL. You can do all work here at LANL, but you may only be able to take one or two courses per quarter/semester.
  • What are estimated costs? Specifically qualifying for In-state vs. Out-of-state Tuition? Does LANL charge an additional fee?
    LANL employees are considered "in-state" at the University of California schools. The estimated costs for attending can be viewed at the University's website. There is an additional fee that must be paid to LANL if you intend to take the class from here; the exact prices vary slightly by school and are posted on the course registration page.
  • Would the cost fall under the tuition assistance/reimbursement program or can I have my sponsoring LANL group pay upfront?
    Costs do fall under the tuition assistance/reimbursement program. It is likely that you will have to address up-front payment with you management. Tuition reimbursement is contingent on getting a satisfactory grade in the class (B or better for graduate level classes). That would imply that it may be difficult to get payment up-front.
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