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Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI) Metrics

Fourth Quarter 2012


SIGIR12: Summarizing Highly Structured Documents for Effective Search Interaction August 2012
Yi Zhang UCSC, Yunfei Chen UCSC, Lanbo Zhang UCSC

IEEE Cluster 2012: The Power and Challenges of Transformative I/O September 2012
Garth Gibson CMU, Adam Manzanares HPC-5, Meghan McClelland HPC-5, John Bent HPC-5

“At scale” author name matching with Hadoop/MapReduce July 2012
Gary Grider HPC-DO, James Powell STBPO-RL, Linn Collins STBPO-RL, Ariane Eberhardt IAT-1, David Izraelevitz D-6, Jorge Roman HPC-1, Thomas Dufresne ISR-3, Mark Scott IAT-1, Miriam Blake STBPO-PO

SIDR12: Efficient Structure-Aware Intelligent Data Routing in SciHadoop July 2012
Neoklis Polyzotis UCSC, Scott Brandt UCSC, Carlos Maltzahn UCSC, Joe Buck UCSC, Noah Watkins UCSC, Greg Levin UCSC, Adam Crume UCSC, Kleoni Ioannidou UCSC

QMDS: A File System Metadata Management Service Supporting a Graph Data Model-based Query Language August 2012
Carlos Maltzahn UCSC, Sasha Ames UCSC

A 2-D Implicit, Energy and Charge Conserving Particle In Cell Method September 2012
Colleen McCarthy NCSU, Chris Leibs CO State, Nicolas Feltman CMU, Yijie Wang U. of S. Fla., Emmanuel Cieren LB de RI, France, Karthik Murthy Rice, Allen McPherson CCS-7, Dana Knoll T-3

Theses and Dissertations

Defense: Management of High-Volume Real-Time Streaming Data in Transient Environments
David Bigelow, Ph.D. Dissertation, August 2012
University Advisor: Scott Brandt
LANL Mentors: Gary Grider, John Bent, HB Chen, Sarah Michalak

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