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DISC Visualization Collaboratory

The DISC Visualization Collaboratory is a multi-purpose facility designed to provide scientists with an open area for collaboration. The newly upgraded room has an Access Grid system, capability for 3D visualization with stereo, and conference room facilities.

As part of the upgrade network connections were added between the Data Intensive Supercomputing (DISC) cluster and the Collaboratory to provide a resource for 3D visualization and simulations. Three 1080p 82” wide-screen stereo-capable TVs are used as the displays and future plans include upgrading to LCD screens and setting up a touch table.

The visualization software available includes VisIt, EnSight, OpenSceneGraph, Paraview, and VMD. Other software packages can be installed with consent of the system administration team.

Our goal in upgrading the room is to provide the laboratory with a facility for open science 3D viz and a unique staging area to explore and test new visualization technologies.

If you are interested in using the DISC Visualization Collaboratory contact Katherine Nystrom.

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