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LANL Faculty and Staff

Photo of Carolyn Connor Carolyn Connor

Photo of Gary Grider Gary Grider

Photo of Adam Manzanares Adam Manzanares

Photo of Scott Matthews Scott Matthews

Dave Montoya

Photo of Josephine Olivas Josephine Olivas

Steve Painter

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CMU Faculty and Staff

Photo of Jonathan Aldrich Jonathan Aldrich

Dr. Aldrich works with LANL on High Performance Computing Parallel tools.

Photo of David Andersen David Andersen

David helps IRHPIT projects with complex high performance network expertise.

Randal Bryant

Chuck Cranor

Photo of Eugene Fink Eugene Fink

Photo of Franz Franchetti Franz Franchetti

Franz is a collaborator on computational co-design at CMU.

Photo of Mitch Franzos Mitch Franzos

Photo of Greg Ganger Greg Ganger

Prof. Greg Ganger is the Director of the CMU Parallel Data Lab.

Photo of Garth Gibson Garth Gibson

Prof. Garth Gibson is the Co-Director of IRHPIT. He is also also PI for the DOE SciDAC Petascale Data Storage Institute (PDSI) and founder of the CMU Parallel Data Lab (PDL).

Photo of Scott A. Klasky Scott A. Klasky

Dr. Klasky is a collaborator on high performance I/O projects.  Dr. Klasky is a researcher at ORNL.

Photo of Qing Liu Qing Liu

Dr. Liu is a collaborator on I/O  and networks  from UNM, currently at ORNL.

Photo of Julio Lopez Julio Lopez

Prof. Julio Lopez is working on Data Intensive Super Computing for Science.

Steven Painter

Photo of Manish Parashar Manish Parashar

Manish Parashar is collaborating Professor of ECE at Rutgers University, and is also co-director of the NSF Center for Autonomic Computing.  His research interests are in the broad area of parallel and distributed computing and include pervasive computational systems, autonomic computing,

Photo of Bill Scherlis Bill Scherlis

Prof. Bill Scherlis is the Director of the Institute for Software Research (SCS/ISR) and Director CMU PhD Program in Software Engineering .

Photo of Karsten Schwan Karsten Schwan

Karsten  is a collaborator on high performance I/O from Georgia Tech

Photo of Michael Stroucken Michael Stroucken

Photo of Jun Wang Jun Wang

Dr. Wang is a collaborator on data intensive computing from Central Florida.

Photo of Matthew Wolf Matthew Wolf

Mathew is a collaborator on high performace I/O from Georgia Tech

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Current Students

Anthony Chivetta

Bin Fan

Bin Fu

Photo of Gerald Gerald "Jay" Lofstead

Jay is a collaborator on high performance I/O from Georgia Tech

Steven W. Painter

Photo of Swapnil Patil Swapnil Patil

Photo of Milo Polte Milo Polte

Milo Polte is working on multidimensional metadata structure in parallel file systems.  His LANL mentors are Gary Grider HPC-DO, James Nunez HPC-5, and John Bent HPC-5.  His CMU advisor is Dr. Garth Gibson.

Kai Ren

Jiri Simsa

Anand Suresh

Photo of Wittawat Tantisiriroj Wittawat Tantisiriroj

Wittawat Tantisiriroj

Vijay Vasudavan

Lin Xiao

Xu Zhang

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Past Students

Photo of Ciera Jaspan Ciera Jaspan

Ciera Jaspan is working on OpenSpeedShop/Frameworks/Plugins.  Her LANL mentors are Dave Montoya HPC-3 and Steve Painter HPC-1.  Her CMU advisor is Dr. Jonathan Aldrich.

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