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Computer System, Cluster, and

Networking Summer Institute Projects


The Effects of SSD Caching on the IO Performance of Unified Storage Systems
Scalability of InfiniBand-Connected LNET Routers
Backups Using Storage Clusters
Monitoring I/O on Data-Intensive Clusters


Network Service Security Through Software Defined Networking
Cloud Management with OpenStack
Functional Assessment of Erasure Coded Storage Archive
A Comparison of Library Tracking Methods in High Performance Computing


Cloud Archival Storage
Intrusion Detection in HPC
Scalable Node Monitoring


The Cost of Security: Auditing Focus
The Cost of Security: Firewall Focus
Cluster Virtualization
Performance Studies of Out-of-Core Computing on Various Solid State Storage Devices – Fusion-IO’s IOSan SSD, SuperTalent’s RaidDrive SSD, OCZ Vertex 3, Kingston V+
Performance Studies of Scientific Applications on High Performance Computing Cluster with Big- Memory Footprint
Tape Storage Performance


Building a private cloud with OpenNebula
On Demand Scientific Computing
Implementation & Comparison of RDMA Over Ethernet
Performance Analysis and Evaluation of LANL's PaScalBB IO nodes using QDR Infiniband and Multiple 10-Gigabit Ethernets


Processor Affinity
Kerberized NFS
Netbooting Large Clusters Over Infiniband
QDR Infiniband Network Study


High Performance Computing with Configuration Management
Diskless Computing
High Speed Interconnection Network Performance Studies


Comparison of 10GigE and InfiniBand Interconnects
Xen Virtualization in an Enterprise Environment
Advanced Health Monitoring of Computer Clusters

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